Rio Tinto Kennecott requesting funding for concentrator projects


Rio Tinto Kennecott is moving forward with a request to the Rio Tinto Investment Committee to invest in an updated, engineered system to use sodium cyanide to suppress pyrite, otherwise known as fool’s gold.

Kennecott recently completed a trial that showed using sodium cyanide produces a higher-quality copper concentrate and reduces the amount of lime used by 40 percent. It will also increase capacity at the smelter, leading to an additional 3,000 anodes produced each year.

This is one of five projects Kennecott is considering over the next several years, a value of $200 million in improvements to demonstrate the continued, longstanding commitment to invest in the business and contribute economically to the community.

Kennecott has applied for an air quality permit modification as part of the process, which includes a 30-day public comment period. For more information see our community presentation.